How a wind farm sreview prompted an income injection, lower energy bills and new revenue streams for Dewlay Cheesemakers, Part 2

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The second part of our look at our work with Dewlay cheese. We conducted a SiteView360™  and spoke with Nick Kenyon, CEO about the outcomes of our review.

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A boost to Dewlay’s business and revenue

The benefits that Dewlay found in having a review:

In addition, our detailed SiteView360™ review included a performance report on their turbine, which gave Dewlay a deeper understanding of the wind farm’s past performance and its contribution to the local environment. What’s more, it also outlined the cost savings for each turn of the wind turbine upon the request of the CEO Nick.

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Through our site review, Dewlay secured a one-off income injection equated to a year’s income and moving forward, the company’s returns from the wind turbine is on track to increase by 12 per cent. 

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Reviews often give a much clearer understanding of how projects work and produce more informed, more confident decisions. This aids future negotiations.

We were delighted that Dewlay’s CEO, Nick Kenyon, who with his brother is the third generation to run the business, gave us some time to share his thoughts on working with us.

How surprised were you that Lumify Energy was able to secure you additional income?

I was particularly surprised by the amount that Lumify Energy was able to secure.

What impact has Lumify Energy’s review had on your business?

[The SiteView360™ review has given] us the resources to consider further environmental saving measures within the business. We are continuously looking to improve our environmental sustainability credentials, and so this gives us a greater scope to do so.”

A quote from Nick Kenyon

Creating a greener environment is high on your priority list. So, what was it that motivated you to delve into renewables?

High energy costs in what is an energy-intensive industry and a desire to reduce our business carbon footprint.

Our review identified that the wind farm had produced a significant amount of electricity so far. How have renewables reduced your bills?

They have given us some price stability in a volatile energy market. Of course, we still have a National Grid connection, but the more energy we take from the turbine, the less we take from the grid. It makes both environmental and business sense, especially since the dairy industry has high energy usage.

 To delve deeper, explore our case study on Dewlay’s journey to lower energy bills and new energy streams.