How Lumify Energy helped one of the UK’s largest landowners increase their wind farm income by 56%

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Renewable energy makes good business sense. It’s a great way to generate income, create jobs and positively impact the environment, which is why so many companies, companies organisations and landowners up and down the country invest in it. 

The Diocese of Bath and Wells, part of the Church of England, in their financial diligence recognised the importance of continuously reviewing the performance of their assets, including their investment in England’s (then) biggest onshore wind farm. However, ensuring you receive accurate land rent payments for these investments is far from simple and challenging even for the most experienced in-house legal and accounts teams.

We helped The Diocese of Bath and Wells meet their challenges, head-on. Using metrics and carefully considering the economic factors (and government policy), we use our Lumigraph™ platform to spot often overlooked errors. The Church of England is among the biggest landowners in the UK. They saw an annual income rise of 56% after reviewing and verifying their payments with a Lumify SiteView360™.

Over a recent chat with Ali Walker, we discussed the impact our work has had on their organisation, the results of which we’re delighted to share with you, too.

Your revenue doubled after having a Lumify Site360™ review. Were you surprised? What impact has this recalculation had?

We were surprised. Any uplift in value makes a difference, and there’s been an operational impact on projects at the heart of what we do. So, it’s always good to have things checked.

What made you decide to review your wind farm payments?

It’s actually a good thing to have checks and balances, and we benefited from what must have been incredibly painstaking work! So, we asked ourselves if going down this line would be a good use of all our time and resources, and our agent felt it would be.

Would you recommend Lumify Energy?

Their communication was excellent and clear. The task wasn’t easy to work through; it’s time-consuming, and the case has gone through many personnel. It had to be built up piece by piece, so I recommend the team at Lumify Energy for their perseverance. You don’t know what you’ll find and what the outcome will be.

How important is creating a greener environment to your organisation?

We have a real commitment to sustainable issues. For instance, we’ve had a programme where we’ve put solar panels on lots of our buildings so people can benefit from the cheaper electricity and reduction in the carbon footprint. We’re dedicated to sustainable solutions for the organisation’s running; it is good husbandry and ties in with our values.

Many thanks to Ali and the team, it was great working with you.