Case Studies

Take a look at how businesses around the country have worked with us to gain insight, maximise value, and feel brighter about their energy sites.

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Far Old Park Wind Farm

We worked with farmer David Lindow and provided him with comprehensive market data to ensure he received a fair royalty rate in line with the market. Our Lumify SiteScan™ made him feel confident that he was receiving the best value for the wind farm on his land.

Institutional landowner

Wood Lane Landfill Gas Site

With Lumify SiteView360™, Tudor Griffiths gained a better, clearer understanding of their site’s performance to help ensure that their renewables project was reaching its full potential.


GWDL Wind Farm

Lumify SiteView360™ provided Nick and Richard with a deeper understanding of the wind farm’s performance and contribution to the local environment, as well as seven year back payment of income.


Land Agents GSCGrays

On behalf of GSC Grays, we worked closely with their site operator to amend a string of underpayments and help them get back on track with tracking royalties. Plus, Lumify SiteView360™ highlighted the site’s positive environmental value.

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