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Our renewable energy experts will provide essential guidance to maximise your income from the wind farm on your land.

Our data and technology will unleash your wind farm’s income potential.

Our onshore wind consultants will help you at every stage of your wind farm journey – from the moment you’re asked to sign an option agreement to decommissioning by:

  • Ensuring that you negotiate the best deals by comparing the amounts being paid to other wind farm projects throughout the UK and providing the data and other evidence you need to secure a higher rent for the wind farm on your land. We can then give you step-by-step guidance and if desired, take the lead on any discussions and negotiations with your wind farm developer.
  • Securing you as much income from your wind farm project as the UK’s most experienced landowners.
  • Recommending the ideal contractual terms for the lease of the wind farm on your land.
  • Completing the transfer of Grid Connection Agreements and ROC Accreditation where landowners wish to take over the operation of an existing or previous wind farm on their land.
  • Providing a valuation of how much money should be set aside for the decommissioning of the wind farm on your land.

And much more in between!

Our team of experts have a 100% success rate in increasing land rents for wind farms

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Our onshore wind consultants will ensure that you to get the best from the wind farm project on your land.

Meet Travis Benn, our lead renewable energy consultant

Travis Benn (FCA) is one of the UK’s leading onshore wind consultants. Before co-founding Lumify Energy, Travis began his career as a chartered accountant at EY and Grant Thornton.

Later, he joined the UK’s leading renewable energy site developer, Infinis. While at Infinis, he oversaw the payments to landowners at more than 150 projects (totalling more than 600 MW!). This was when his goal of simplifying renewables and creating a transparent renewable energy marketplace was born. Travis aims to make every aspect of Lumify Energy accessible, simple and knowledge-driven.

As a result, he has become one of the go-to onshore wind consultants for landowners, local authorities, and businesses with commercial wind farms. With a 100% success rate in increasing landowner’s rents from wind farms, it’s no surprise that Travis is considered one of the UK’s best renewable energy experts.

What People Say About Us

“The Lumify Energy were able to identify areas that we should have been receiving royalties on. Lumify Energy are experts in their field and were happy to explain anything we didn’t understand and work with us the way we wanted to.”

Ben Ardern
Financial Controller,
Dewlay Cheesemakers, Lancashire

“We have a very good solicitor and land agent but they couldn’t provide us with the insight we needed into how our site was operating. Lumify Energy was able to provide us with the information we needed, their expertise and guidance helped us to advance the wind farm.”

David Lindow
Farmer and Dog Breeder

“Lumify Energy provided an impressive report, which gave me everything we needed to know about how the rent I was being offered compared to other wind farms nationwide. This helped me to secure double the rent that I was initially offered by my developer.”

Jo Turner


I already have a land agent, can you still help me?

We’re not brazen enough to say that we’ll completely replace a team of professional advisors as most wind projects are so multifaceted. But we do pride ourselves on being able to significantly reduce landowner’s legal and professional costs and our specialist industry data significantly enhances the work undertaken by land agents. We use our technology to provide our clients with actionable insights and accurate data. As a result, everyone from your land agent to your legal advisors will be better equipped and can quickly achieve the results you need!

Everything seems to be okay with my wind farm, can I still benefit from your services?

Absolutely yes. Even the most diligent wind farm developers’ accountants make errors when calculating landowner rents, they’re only human! Our award-winning software automatically re-calculates all income due to landowners over their entire lease using real-time energy price data and has identified improvements in 85% of landowner payments reviewed.

Do you offer wind farm rent audits for commercial projects?

If you have a commercial wind farm (i.e. between 500 kW and 540MW in size) on your land, it is essential that your wind farm rent is audited at least once every six years. We carry out wind farm rent payments using our award-winning software that automatically re-calculates all income due to landowners over their entire lease using real-time energy price data.

What will I do with the report that is given to me?

Our reports can be easily shared with your wind farm developer, as they contain all of the necessary information required by your wind farm developer to achieve the required outcome and to enable this in the most time and cost-effective manner. Some landowners prefer to progress matters themselves using our report and other landowners request that we deal with all matters on their behalf – we’re happy to work in either way.

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