GWDL Wind Farm

Family-run Dewlay Cheesemakers wanted accurate, up-to-date information on their site’s performance. With Lumify SiteView360™, the company were able to increase rental income and uncover revenue streams that had previously slipped under the radar.

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The Context

For over 60 years, Lancashire cheesemakers Dewlay has earned itself the reputation of producing the county’s finest hand-crafted cheese.

Third-generation owners Nick and Richard Kenyon continue to uphold the family legacy with one key factor driving their efforts—sustainability. For years before we met Dewlay, the company had been working with a wind turbine operator.

What our
clients say

“We are continuously looking to improve our environmental sustainability credentials, and our turbine enables us to reduce the high energy bills in what is an energy-intensive industry, as well reduce our business carbon footprint.”

CEO, Dewlay Cheesemakers, Lancashire

The Challenge

Although Dewlay had worked happily and successfully with their wind turbine operator, Nick and Richard found it challenging to keep abreast of their revenue sources and weren’t sure how accurate the income captured was. That’s when they came to us to carry out our SiteView360 and analyse their lease agreement.

“It was an easy decision to get them on board because we didn’t have the expertise or the time to be trawling through the lease and power purchase agreement.”

Nick Kenyon

The Solution

We worked alongside Dewlay’s wind turbine operators so that we continued to nurture the company’s relationships and ensure all parties involved in maximising the site’s performance.

Communication remained at the forefront of this project, which is why we updated Nick and Richard regularly throughout our work. Dewlay’s site operator gave us the information we needed to carry out our our review while Nick and Richard could focus on their area of expertise: quality cheese.

Our Siteview360 report provided Nick and Richard with a deeper understanding of the wind farm’s historical performance and contribution to the local environment. The pair were equipped with clear, accurate and up-to-date findings to present to their energy company. Plus, the analysis depth meant the Kenyon brothers could ensure that they were getting the full benefits from the energy produced on their land.

The Outcome

Our review helped Dewlay:

Secure a seven-year back payment income on behalf of Dewlay, the equivalent to an entire year of rental income.

Increase the company’s rental income by 20% in 2017 and 30% during one of the seven years we reviewed—and their rental income is forecast to increase by 12% per year.

Calculate their cost savings for every turn of the turbine.

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