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GSC Grays needed help investigating their client’s royalty payments. With Lumify SiteView360™, we helped them recover seven years of underpayments and demonstrate that full audits really do pay for themselves — and then some.

Project stage

The solution

The Context

Land, farming and property management specialists GSC Grays deliver wind and solar farms, AD plants, energy storage schemes and district heating systems across the UK.

The firm, which compromises chartered surveyors, planners, environmental management consultants, and estate agents, advises on a wealth of operational projects from rent reviews and decommissioning funds to debt collection and dispute resolution.

When GSC Grays approached Lumify Energy, one of their landowner clients had received royalty payments on their wind farm since its commissioning date; but something about the figures wasn’t quite adding up.

The Challenge

As land agents, GSC Grays aren’t qualified to undertake a full audit and therefore weren’t involved in the day-to-day management of their client’s rent payments.

So, with their expert guidance, GSC Grays pointed their client in our direction to investigate what was going on with their client’s royalty payments. Before the review, they had a good understanding of the rent methodology but could never undertake a review to the same extent as Lumify Energy.

What our
clients say

“Before the review, I had a good understanding of the rent methodology but could never undertake an audit to the same extent as Lumify Energy. We found the report very thorough and were pleased that the payments have been corrected.”

Chris Tyher MRICS FAAV
Rural Associate Director, GSC Grays

The Solution

Using a wide range of metrics, current legislation and today’s market prices, we recalculated all past payments, carefully reviewed the landowner’s lease agreements, and immediately spotted an error.

On the landowners’ behalf, we worked closely with their site operator to rectify a string of underpayments and developed a system to ensure the mistakes wouldn’t happen again.

Plus, by comparing their lease agreement and site’s performance to other UK wind farms, we highlighted the value GSC Grays and their client brings to the environment.

We found the report very thorough and were pleased that the payments have been corrected. We appreciate your help with this.

Windfarm landowner and client of GSC Grays

The Outcome

The SiteView360 review undertook paid for themselves, and then some.

“We’ve been very pleased to recommend Lumify Energy to all our clients and have received positive feedback all-round. I have received nothing but positive feedback from the landowners.”

Chris Tyher MRICS FAAV

For one, we successfully identified and agreed with the site operator to make payment corrections for the previous seven years. For another, SiteView360 provided a detailed report on the landowner’s wind farm’s performance, including its efficiency and how many homes the site has powered to date.

Our report also evaluated how these lease agreements compared to other UK wind farms, highlighting the real value that our partners and their landowners are making to the environment.

And having worked independently, we helped our partners save time and cost while using our expertise to achieve everyone’s best outcome.

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