With Lumify SiteStart™, you’ll receive a full legal review of your lease agreements and a comparison of what other sites are receiving in the market so that you can become better equipped when making decisions about your site.

We’ll also be able to negotiate the best contract terms for you to make sure you’re getting the fairest possible deal out there.

Here’s how it works:
We use our Lumigraph™ tool to compare your royalty rates with other sites across the country.
You’ll then receive a comprehensive, no-jargon SiteScan™ report. And if you’re an institutional landowner, you’ll also receive a write-up for all your team members, highlighting the most valuable insights for their business area.
Based on our findings, we’ll either negotiate contract terms on your behalf or help guide you to get the most value from your lease agreement.

Put your right foot forward with LumifySiteStart™.

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