Who we help

No matter where you work within the sector, let’s chat about how we can help your renewable energy project reach its full potential and achieve your renewable energy goals


As a local authority, listed company, small business owner, utility company or waste management company, finding the time to monitor your energy project isn’t always easy.

We know just how complex things can get when it comes to managing your site, and keeping track of all those things on top of your day job can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Whether you’re an estate or asset team member, part of the legal or finance team; for all procurement and waste management figures, or if you’re part of the core energy team, we’re here to help.

At Lumify Energy, we can assist on a variety of things to get you feeling like you’re in control again. From access to industry insights to helping with day-to-day payments, our job is to ensure that you receive the best value from your energy site as well as help you save time.


We understand that as farmers and estate owners, maximising the value from your energy site in an effortless way is crucial.

That can feel especially hard to do with constant legislation changes and fluctuating energy prices, not to mention the lack of clear, up-to-date facts and figures shared by the industry.

That’s why we’re here to bridge the information gap. Using our expert knowledge, industry insights, and technology, we give you everything you need in a digestible way. Use those findings to monitor your site’s performance, maximise its income, and with information uncovered, you can keep up to date too.


As land agents, solicitors, accountants, and other advisers, we know you don’t always have access or remit to gather all the data you need to manage your client’s site.

Of course, you want to do the best possible for your landowner clients. However, without the time, resource, or even specific sector knowledge, you might look to outsource expert help. That’s why we’re here to offer a hand. We’ll take care of all the complexities, and offer solutions that best support you and your clients, whatever their needs.


If you operate, manage or have built a site, we know just how many plates there are to keep spinning when it comes to your energy site.

At Lumify Energy, we’ve seen first-hand just how important nurturing your existing relationships is to a project’s success. But staying on top of all the moving parts — and parties involved — can be difficult.

With our expert guidance, you can be confident that your site’s maximising its productivity and efficiency. We’ll help you to connect the dots between yourselves and your landowner partners seamlessly.